How’s your active listening?

Yesterday, Walt Disney Studios had a major social media win by posting the new Star Wars trailer and announcing tickets were on sale (and breaking the e-commerce websites of many movie theatre chains in the process). Also yesterday, Canada elected a new Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party. Today, Walt Disney Studios had another social media win. Might not be breaking the Internet or going viral (yet),

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The Power of Preflight

Ever heard the term preflight? Pilots – and designers – will be familiar with the term, which refers to the checklist to ensure that everything required for takeoff (or print) is present and functioning. It’s an important practice to follow, but what happens when something gets missed? I encountered an example of this over the weekend. (Let me say before we get to the story that this isn’t a criticism

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Office Soundtrack: Sigma f. Labrinth

Definitely a bit of me. Looking forward to their debut album, Life, out later this year.

Office Soundtrack: [SEBELL]

So excited for new music from my friend SEBELL – can’t wait for more new music in 2015!