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The Power of Preflight

Ever heard the term preflight? Pilots – and designers – will be familiar with the term, which refers to the checklist to ensure that everything required for takeoff (or print) is present and functioning. It’s an important practice to follow, but what happens when something gets missed? I encountered an example of this over the weekend. (Let me say before we get to the story that this isn’t a criticism

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What is your top PR tip?

I spent this past weekend attending the BreakOut West festival and conference, of which I was part of the host committee. I attended a session on Facebook presented by Dennis Yu, Founder & CEO of BlitzMetrics. I was blown away by the content and the tips I gained – a welcome change from other Facebook/pick your favourite social channel sessions I had previously attended.


Today, as is my routine everyday, I had Hootsuite up and running on my Internet browser so I could monitor the social media accounts I manage. About 10 minutes ago, I saw this tweet (the company will remain anonymous): Like us on Facebook. (link to the Facebook page) I almost tweeted the company back to simply write “Why?”. It seems like we’ve got so complacent in our social media efforts that

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An open letter to new MRU #PR students

Ah, September. A time of endings and beginnings, when the summer slowdown makes way for the season where you can’t remember what eight hours of sleep in one night feels like. And I’m not just talking to those in the working world; this is also being felt by the thousands upon thousands of students heading back to Calgary’s many universities and colleges.

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